Friday, 8 March 2013

Conference: Global Media Forum for Young Journalists: Deutsche Welle

Welcome to the Conference (Photo Credit: Deutsche Welle)

Young journalists are invited for 2013 Global Media Forum on The Future of Growth – Economic Values and the Media. The objective of this conference is to discuss and design approaches to meeting the challenges of globalization in which the media play a central role. 

Conference will be held at Bonn, Germany on 16-19th of June 2013. Travel costs will be reimbursed by our partner Deutsche Welle. Accommodation for three nights and breakfast are covered. The entry to the conference is free for journalists.

The forum draws media representatives from around the world and people from the fields of politics, culture, business, development cooperation and academia. Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster. It portrays the nation as rooted in European culture and as a democratic state based on the rule of law. Its mission is to promote exchange and understanding between the world‘s cultures and people.

The conference will focus on five pillars within this theme-
  • Global Governance for Sustainable Development
  • Balancing Economic Growth
  • Economy and Environment
  • On the Way to Social Justice and Economic Equity
  • Sustainable Economic Development and the Media
Eligibility & Criteria-

Media representatives and professionals from all over the world, working in the fields of politics, culture, business, development and science.
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