About Us

This site is one of many communication medium of YJAG, an independent, non-profit, and non-governmental organisation, striving to protect the interest of and promote the welfare of Young Journalists in The Gambia.



YJAG aspire to foster unity and mutual understanding among the young media practitioners in The Gambia; Promote the wellbeing of young journalists in the country; Address common issues of concern to young journalist; Promote freedom of expression in The Gambia; Build the capacities of young journalists; Foster excellent media-government relationship for mutual benefit; Foster collaboration between young journalists in The Gambia and our counterparts outside the country; and Holding various media houses in the country accountable of their responsibilities towards young journalists, especially freelancers, considering the crucial role they play.



Established on 16th September 2007, YJAG operates under the motto “Capacity Building, Duty to Inform.” It is made up of a structure of a 10 member executive committee, comprising of a President, 2 Vice Presidents, 2 Secretaries, a Treasurer, a Public Relations Officer, an Auditor, and two co-opted members.



The Association is also served by a 9 member board of advisers with the President of Gambia Press Union and the Minister of Information being permanent members, others include lawyers, publishers, editors, and human rights activists. The YJAG President serves as Secretary to the Board.

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