Friday, 10 February 2012

YJAG Trains College Press Corps on Basic Journalism


TheGambia College Press Club recently organised a day-long “Training on BasicJournalism” for its members at the College Campus in Brikama, theregional capital of the West Coast Region.

Thetraining, facilitated by the Young Journalists Association of The Gambia (YJAG)was aimed at introducing the press club members to the fundamentals ofjournalism to enable them better understand the profession and as well becomemore vibrant information disseminators.

 The training was held (February 9, 2012) onthe backdrop that there is a need “to recruit students into the press and buildtheir capacity through training” in order to better enhance their day-to-daywork as college press corps.

“GambiaCollege Press Club attaches a lot of importance to this training,” SulaymanJanneh, the press club president said in his welcome remarks. “We are onceagain proud to be associated with YJAG and I commend you for responding to ourneeds whenever they arise.”

Ina brief statement, YJAG President, Modou S. Joof welcome the initiative, sayingcapacity building is a cornerstone on which YJAG was established. “We have workwith the college press club in the past and we will continue to work with youto facilitate activities of this nature and for all press clubs affiliated toYJAG,” he said.

Hesaid the training was crucial in the students’ drive to deliver news on “eventsand people whose stories are of interest and relevant to their communities.”

Thestudents were taken through presentations on an “Introduction to Journalism” byModou S. Joof; “Interview Tips” by Mamadou Edrisa Njie; “Writing Stories” by Ebrima Bah; and “Journalists and Academics as Educators” by Amat Jeng.

Establishedon 16th September 2007, YJAG aspire to foster unityand mutual understanding among young journalists; promote the wellbeing of andaddress issues of concern to young journalist; promote freedom of expression; buildthe capacities of young journalists, among others.

Issued by YJAG Executive Committee

On Friday, February 10, 2012

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